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In order for us to remain one of the most effective and dependable service providers in the industry, we make use of the trusted and comprehensive, cloud-based Practice Management Application, Elixir Live.

The extensive features of the application enable our clients to manage their practice and patients in a safe and secure environment from anywhere, at any time.

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Features include the data being hosted in-the-cloud which has the benefit of the practice having access to the application from anywhere, where there is an internet connection available. It boasts with a modern interface, designed for productivity and switching your claims to medical schemes is a fluent process. The application also scales with the clients practice from small to extra large.

Elixir Live features a dairy enhanced with customizable images for quick identification of appointment types and is fully integrated with SMS communication with single or bulk templates.

Integrated liability rules for medical schemes also comes in handy with private and COID patients that ensure the liability for every line is correct.


Standard security measures include SSL-encryption, fine-grained user permissions, and safe, cloud data storage.

Added benefits include the ability to view who and when records were created and edited, a replicated data-center for high obtainability, and off-site backups that run automatically on a frequent basis.

Updates, reporting, and Analytics

Medical schemes are automatically kept up-to-date with no need to import any files. The download and install process run faster than ever and can be done in mere seconds.

A great variety of financial reports are available, including age analysis, transactional detail and financial summaries with the ability to report across multiple practices.

The application is set up in such a way that by using advanced analytics tools, it mines data and offers support for multi-level grouping and OLAP analysis. The analytics data can easily be exported to Exel.

Billing and Email

Quotations, balance billing and a modifier assistant that makes posting modifiers quick and easy, all contributes to the effectiveness of the application. It also supports macros for convenient and quick billing with support for modifiers.

While any document or report can be emailed in PDF format, a history of when and what emails were sent are readily available with delivery tracking to know when an email could not be delivered or when it was opened.

Tariff pricing

The tariff pricing includes the latest pricing for all medical schemes, a mapping tool to ensure you charge the right amount, and flexible options for creating your own pricing with billing rates.


The requirements to run the Elixir Live Application comes as very forgiving and is suitable for most devices in today’s medical practices.

Minimum requirements consist of:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10. (Works with Macs using parallels.)
  • 2GB of RAM or higher
  • Dual core processor or newer
  • 100MB Disk space. (Cached documents requires additional disc space)
  • Permanent internet connection (512 kbps or greater per concurrent user)
  • Minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768px or 1280 x 720px for wide screens.

Contact us today for any further questions you might have regarding the Elixir Live for your medical practice.


Note to all medical practitioners
January 10, 2019

Dear practitioners, please take note that due to an administrative platform change, some MEDiPOS members’ medical scheme numbers will change with effect from 1 January 2019

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