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Collecting outstanding claims is a challenge and often a struggle for each private practice/clinic in today’s life.

EKB’s expertise lies in the ability to take that difficulty your private practice/clinic has to handle, and collect all medical and private claims from the medical aids and patients for ANY Dr, Practitioner or Clinic across South Africa.

Having successfully done so for over 25 years, we have not only perfected the various processes and necessary relationships, but have also proven ourselves with a reliable record of accomplishment and many testimonials, that what we do, runs parallel with excellent business practice for any medical establishment.

We send all medical claims on a daily basis to the relevant schemes electronically via EDI (real-time) and once the claims have been submitted, we monitor the whole EDI process to make sure that the client have a quick turn-around time with an increase in a healthy weekly cash flow.

If  ever it happens that there is a problem with an account, it will be followed-up and corrected immediately and will be submitted again to make sure the account goes through for payment.

We also, in the case where the relevant scheme did not pay the account, arrange with the patient in the most professional manner, to settle the outstanding account.

Practice management software

Practice Management Software

We send claims via SwitchComm EDI (real-time) to all schemes where we receive instant feedback from the Medical Aids after submissions of claims which enable us to resubmit a medical claim immediately if a problem occurred with the claim.

Daily Payments and Reconciliations

We follow up with the schemes and patients on a daily basis which provides an increase in cash flow on a daily and weekly basis.


Collections of Claims

  • Electronically on a daily basis
  • By consultant as arranged with the bureau

Detailed reports

Detailed Reports

To keep you informed, you will receive a detailed monthly age analysis which will include:

  • Turnover summaries
  • Payment received from Medical Aids
  • Debt collection payment


Note to all medical practitioners
January 10, 2019

Dear practitioners, please take note that due to an administrative platform change, some MEDiPOS members’ medical scheme numbers will change with effect from 1 January 2019

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